Hello, I’m Maria Daniel Deepak and welcome to my online home. I’m a Web and WordPress developer and I code applications that simplifies people’s work and amplifies their revenue.

My goal is to improve myself each day both in terms of being a developer and being a nice human being. More →

My Blog

My blog is where I log most happenings of my life. Also, I try to share what I learn each day, with folks on the internet. If you’re new here, don’t forget to checkout my blog.

Here are few of my recent posts:

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  3. How To Disable JetPack SSO In Local/Staging Site?
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My Pet Projects

Pet projects can help you learn lot of things. Here are some of the pet projects I developed.

Search Categories Metabox

Search Categories Metabox is a WordPress plugin that allows you to search and add Categories from the WordPress editor.

List Post Contributors

List Post Contributors is a WordPress plugin that lists Contributors at the end of each posts.

My Open Source Contributions

Open source contributions can be life changing. My life changed when I made my first pull request. I’ve listed some of my notable open source contributions.

Live Comment Preview

Live Comment Preview is a WordPress plugin that lets you to preview your comment as you type. My contribution was refactoring the plugin.

Email Log

Email Log is a WordPress plugin that logs every email sent using WordPress. You can see all the emails sent listed in a page. My contribution was documenting the code and creating a new admin page where all the add-ons are listed.

Easy Retweet

Easy Retweet is a WordPress plugin that lets you to add Retweet button on your WordPress posts and pages. My contribution was fixing a small bug.